Window Style 24

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Windows are usually measured from the brickwork opening from the outside of the property, always in millimetres (mm).

Firstly, measure the width, brickwork to brickwork, in three places (top, middle and bottom) and deduct approximately 10mm from your smallest measurement.

Secondly, measure the height of the opening in a few different positions and again deduct approximately 10mm from the smallest measurement. In case of a metal lintel please exclude it. Most windows sit on a cill, if so then please measure from underneath the existing cill unless it’s not removable (e.g. stone).

Please note: If your property is rendered then it’s a good idea to remove some of the render in order to view the brickwork edge. Depending on the thickness of your render you may require frame extenders.

Some important points to remember

Measure from outside, brickwork to brickwork.
If that is not possible, measure your existing window.

Provide us with the overall window sizes including cills or extenders/add-ons (except stone cills).

Measure in a few different positions, take your smallest size and deduct approximately 10mm.

If in doubt, just ask!

If you need any further help, why not take a few photos and email them to us for specific advice.